Getting products into large retailers

Branding & Packaging

We’ll help you get your product into large retailers by developing branding and packaging that retail buyers know will appeal to their customers

Buyer Presentations

We get products on the shelf by presenting every product as a profitable, retail ready opportunity to our network of category buyers at large UK stores

Packing & Logistics

As experts in supplying goods to retailers, we will get your product packed and shipped in time to meet the stringent order requirements of large stores

Putting your product on retail shelves

Experienced Team

Oval Products boasts an experienced team who have direct industry experience with some of the world’s largest brands. We harness this know-how to get products into large retailers.

Modern Facilities

With a factory premises the size of two football pitches, combined with state-of-the-art production monitoring systems, Oval has everything required for retail ready packing and logistics.

Major Retail Links

Our track record of supplying goods to retailers stands us in good stead with the major retail category buyers. When we present a new product to them, they take us seriously.

Ezi-Melt Car Kit Packaging

1.5M Products Sold

4 Years in Business

4,500 Cups of Coffee

785 Sites Selling Client Brands

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About Us

Getting retailers to stock your product can be a tough challenge. Oval Products can get your product retail ready and into large retailers.

Created by experienced business people, Oval Products has the expertise, the facilities and the retail buyer contacts to put your products on the shelf.

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