About Oval Products

We are experienced and committed professionals, determined to get your product into large volume retail.

Oval Products Ltd was created in 2011 by a coming-together of four dynamic business people. Each of these individuals brought their own portfolio of skills, honed by years of industry experience.

Having worked in various management roles, both nationally and internationally, with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, the team which formed the company brought all the required credentials to turn everyday products into high-volume success stories.

Oval’s first consumer product was Ezi-Melt, which today is the UK’s number one selling domestic de-icing brand. Many brands have followed since and also enjoyed Oval’s transformative influence.

Working from its head office in Hertford, the team works closely with brand owners to get products into large retailers. Oval Products has an impressive contact list to call on when it comes to making Retail Buyer Presentations. The company’s excellent track record for top selling products and reliable supply means that Category Managers and Buyers are always interested in meeting with Oval to discuss a new brand. Additionally, Oval already has supply contracts in place which removes a huge administrative obstacle when the time comes to start shipping product.

All in all, the Oval experience is a little like putting your product on an express train, destination: large volume retail…

The Oval Products Process

  • Examine the product and its place within the retail category
  • Analyse the price point and supply chain
  • Develop retail ready branding and packaging
  • Plan the packing and logistics to suit large retailers
  • Meet Retail Buyers to negotiate a supply contract
  • Tool-up the packing lines and start producing…

About Us

Getting retailers to stock your product can be a tough challenge. Oval Products can get your product retail ready and into large retailers.

Created by experienced business people, Oval Products has the expertise, the facilities and the retail buyer contacts to put your products on the shelf.

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