Retail Ready Branding and Packaging

The first stage of our 'get ready for retail' service is designed to optimise the performance of your product on shelf, by developing impactful branding and packaging.

A large store may have something like 40,000 products on the shelves.
This means that strong branding and effective packaging are an essential part of your sales process.

Remember – large retail stores are looking to sell in high volumes, so if your branding and packaging aren’t professional enough to jump off the shelf, the store’s retail category buyer will not be interested.

Your product’s price point on the shelf in comparison to similar products is also critical, and the cost of packaging plays a significant role in that as well.

A retail buyer is far more likely to stock your product if they can see that your packaging will appeal to the store’s customers.

The Oval Products Approach to Retail Ready Branding and Packaging

  • Evaluate your branding

    The Oval Products team will evaluate your branding to determine whether it is likely to work in high volume retail. If not, or if you don’t yet have a brand name or logo, we will develop them for you.

    This branding process will give your product a strong hook into consumers and also increase your likelihood of being listed by large retail stores.

  • Analyse your packaging

    We will need to look in detail at your product’s packaging because this is so crucial to getting good sales. With well designed packaging, your product will also be of much greater appeal to category buyers.

    If necessary, Oval Products will design or re-design your packaging to make sure your product has high visibility on the shelves of large retailers. Not only that – we can help control the cost of your product packaging in relation to the retail price and your margin.

    To further increase your product listing by large retailers, we can also develop shelf-ready or counter-top packs, as well as highly visible, branded merchandising units.

  • Arrange printing and production

    Once we have the final solution for your retail ready packaging in hand, we can then arrange the printing and production.

    We have an excellent network including some of the world’s best packaging printers to ensure your packs, labels and merchandising units meet the high standards required by large retail stores.

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Getting retailers to stock your product can be a tough challenge. Oval Products can get your product retail ready and into large retailers.

Created by experienced business people, Oval Products has the expertise, the facilities and the retail buyer contacts to put your products on the shelf.

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