Packing and Logistics

The third and final stage of the Oval Products 'get ready for retail' service ensures that products are packed, palletised and arrive on time at large retail distribution centres.

Large, national retailers place stringent demands on their suppliers. These are designed to ensure a reliable and predictable supply of products on the shelf to keep customers happy. Not only does a product need to be available in sufficient quantity to supply a national network of retail stores, but it needs to keep coming quickly enough to maintain shelf stock.

Product packing and logistics are a vital part of the chain, which is why Oval Products has invested in state of the art packing process equipment and premises large enough to pack and store multiple products, 24/7/365.

The Oval Products packing plant is located not far off the M4 motorway. This places our clients’ products in easy transportation distance of all the main multiples’ distribution centres. Our plant itself is designed specifically to allow safe, yet rapid circulation of trucks for loading.

Large national retailers specify very tight time slots during which products can be delivered to their distribution centres. Substantial fines are applied to suppliers who are late, or who fall short on order quantities.

The Oval Products Approach to Packing and Logistics.

  • Oval's product packing plant

    We have had years of experience in product packing and palletising. Our plant, which is approximately the size of two football fields, is split between packing and multi-level storage.

    Millions and millions of individual products are packed ready for retail every year by Oval. To achieve this, we have invested in the very latest process machinery and monitoring systems. Our production people work in well managed shift patterns to avoid fatigue, and as a result, our systems run faultlessly 24 hours a day.

    Indoor, multi-level storage at our plant enables us to store retail ready products prior to loading. This helps to ensure that every shipment goes out complete and on time.

  • Loading and shipping

    In order to meet the very tight delivery time schedules which are commonly set by large retailers, Oval Products has a well designed system which allows trucks to arrive, load up and then leave in the minimum time.

    Packed product is immediately palletised as it comes off the production line. If necessary, these pallets are placed within our multi-level storage area whilst a sufficient quantity of pallets is produced.

    As trucks arrive, they are then loaded immediately to ensure no-one is delayed. They then have a short trip onto the M4 motorway and from there, fast access to large retailers’ national distribution centres.

  • Case study: Ezi-Melt de-icing salt

    Ezi-Melt is the UK’s number one domestic de-icing salt. It is supplied in large quantities to Tesco, ASDA, B&Q and many more national retailers.

    Hundreds of thousands of jars of Ezi-Melt leave the Oval plant every year, but because the product is a seasonal one, the entire packing and delivery process has to happen over a period of just a couple of months.

    To ensure we meet the contractual obligations of selling products to large retailers, we have perfected a rapid and seamless system of packing and shipping.

    • The raw product is delivered to a bay outside the packing production line.
    • Plastic blanks arrive at the plant which are then immediately moulded to form the jars.
    • Whilst this is happening, Ezi-Melt salt is pumped through to the packing line from the storage bay.
    • Just as the jars are ready, they meet the salt and are automatically filled with a measured quantity.
    • The retail ready label is applied to the jar.
    • The jars are then packed into merchandising units or shelf-ready trays and palletised.
    • Pallets are then taken immediately to waiting trucks, of which there is an almost constant stream.
    • The process is so streamlined, we are able to run 24 hours without a hitch.

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