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Getting Ezi-Melt Retail Ready

Getting Ezi-Melt Retail Ready

Just a few of years ago, Ezi-Melt was nothing more
than a glimmer of an idea in the mind of its entrepreneurial inventor.

He had noticed that whilst salt is useful to have around during the winter months, you could only buy it in huge, heavy sacks. No use at all if you’re an elderly lady who wants to de-ice the driveway and go shopping! Additionally, much of the salt on sale was rock salt which is brown in colour and sometimes leaves stains behind after use.

Ezi-Melt was created by utilising pure white, non-staining marine salt, packaged in small, easy to handle jars which could be re-sealed for future use.

To develop the idea into a retail-ready product that would be of interest to large stores, Oval Products brought their expertise to bear at each stage of development.

Ezi-Melt Sales
Nearest Competitor

Ezi-Melt is now on retail shelves nationally atTesco, Asda, B&Q plus a host of other popular,well-known stores.

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Ezi-Melt Website

First of all, a brand name, strap line and logo were developed which would capture the attention of shoppers in large retail stores. ‘Ezi-Melt: The doorstep defroster’ clearly states the product’s promise and a unique and simple brand logo help the product to stand out.


A small range of simple, practical packaging solutions were developed initially, and the product appeared in easy to handle 1kg, 2kg and 6.5kg jars – the ideal size for domestic use on the path or driveway.

In addition, a merchandising unit was developed to enable delivery of a full stock of product straight to the shop floor.

Buyer Presentation

Although the product is now more widely available, Ezi-Melt was initially presented to retail buyers at Tesco and B&Q. Both stores could clearly see the work that had been done to make Ezi-Melt retail ready and placed substantial orders.

Packing and Logistics

To ensure the product meets with the stringent order lead times and delivery schedules put in place by large retailers, Ezi-Melt is packed and palletised at Oval’s premises and shipped direct to the buyers’ distribution centres.

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