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Getting Innovation onto The Shelf

Getting Innovation onto The Shelf

With a really clever and useful product, the developers of Top Twister knew they needed help to get their product into large retail stores.

Everybody has struggled at some time with removing the lid from a bottle or jar. Elderly people in particular find some packaging too great a challenge. Thanks to the inventors of Top Twister, anyone can get a jar or bottle open easily by simply placing the device over the lid and twisting.

A beautifully simple and ergonomic design, Top twister is a low-cost, moulded plastic item with the potential to end up in millions of homes nationwide.

Getting retailers to stock a product though, is another matter, which is why Top Twister’s owners approached Oval products to make it appeal to customers and retail store buyers.

Top Twister is now available throughout the UKat a range of large retail stores.

The name Top Twister didn’t happen by itself. The item arrived at Oval Products as an ingenious yet anonymous device. The Oval team developed a name and brand logo that a wide range of customers would immediately and clearly understand.


Top twister is a simple, low cost, mass market product and so a packaging concept was developed by Oval that appeals in the right way to customers, that has obvious benefits for retailers and which is cheap to produce.

Buyer Presentation

When placed in front of Oval products’ contacts as a fully retail ready product, large store buyers were quick to recognise the potential for large volume sales.

Top Twister was transformed almost overnight by the Oval Products team from complete anonymity to national, on-shelf availability.

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