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Topster’s Transformation for Large Retailers

Topster Transformation

The owners of Topster worked hard and developed an innovative product, but sales quickly plateaued.

Topster is an innovative product, developed by a pair of British entrepreneurs who found a way to tame unwieldy plastic milk bottles and their tendency to glug and splash.

The Topster itself is a simple plastic moulding that can be used to replace a standard milk bottle top and thumb pressure is used to release milk and regulate the flow. No more spills or overly milky tea!

Its inventors won innovation awards for the product, managed to get media coverage including a spot on GMTV, and landed themselves a contract to get products on the shelf at a local Tesco store. But without the necessary retail expertise, the brand owners were unable to make much more progress with retail buyers.

Using our considerable expertise, the Oval Products team developed a solution to re-engineer the Topster’s appeal and deliver a retail-ready solution that would work for buyers at large stores.

Sales after Oval's involvement
Sales before Oval

Topster is now on the shelf nationally at Asda stores where the reinvented packs can be found on clip strips in the dairy aisle.

One of the key issues with the original Topster packaging was that it had little consumer appeal. A complete reinvention of the packaging resulted in a pack with far more impact and much greater draw.

Old Topster Packaging

Old Topster Packaging

Buyer Presentation

Following the successful packaging transformation, the product was presented to our buyer contacts and now appears in Asda supermarkets nationwide.

Sales Success

Sometimes a good product is not enough on its own. With the careful application of Oval Products’ knowledge and experience, sales of Topster have tripled and the product has transformed from a local into a national brand.

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