Retail Buyer Presentations

Stage two of our 'get ready for retail' service is the delivery of a comprehensive presentation by the Oval Products team to our network of retail buyers and category managers.

Effectively presenting your product to retail buyers or category managers of large stores is an essential step in gaining their confidence in the product. They have to be convinced that there’s a demand and that your product can fill it.

By this point in the process, the Oval Products team will be pitching not just the product concept, but also all of the nitty gritty detail such as how it will be supplied, what it will look like and how much it will cost.

Oval Products has built a strong relationship with retail buyers and category managers at large multiples over the years. They have come to trust us because we consistently deliver on our promises. Getting retailers to stock your product will hinge on a persuasive presentation from the Oval team.

Approaching large retailers should not be undertaken lightly. What they want to see is a product that’s completely retail ready in every way.

The Oval Products Formula for Retail Buyer Presentations

The key points retail buyers are looking for before
putting your product on retail shelves are:

  • A sample of the product and its finished packaging
  • A workable pricing structure including both retail and wholesale prices
  • Proof that you are able to manufacture in sufficient quantity
  • Proof that you you will be able to meet stringent re-order schedules
  • Any marketing plans you have for the product

The focus of the Oval products presentation team is to make sure we have detailed answers to all these questions and more. We leave the retail buyer in no doubt that the product is 100% retail ready.

Retail buyer meeting

If approved for sale, your product will be quickly on shelves, because Oval Products already has vendor agreements in place with large retailers in most categories. This alone will save you weeks if not months of paperwork and approvals.

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Getting retailers to stock your product can be a tough challenge. Oval Products can get your product retail ready and into large retailers.

Created by experienced business people, Oval Products has the expertise, the facilities and the retail buyer contacts to put your products on the shelf.

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